5 Things You Need to Start Homeschooling #homeschooling #learnathome

If homeschooling is on your heart for 2023, here are 5 things you’ll need:

1. A flexible mindset to accept that one of the key benefits of homeschooling is that we can switch things up. We can do what works best for our family and for each child and change things around as needed. It might be that no 2 days will look the same and you’ll have to be ok with that. If you feel that flexibility might be a struggle for you, read this.

2. A preparedness to challenge your own understanding and assumptions about how children learn, what they should learn and when they should learn it. More on this topic here.

3. An understanding that what it looks like in real life – in your home, with your children and your routine – will be nothing like the Pinterest boards or Instagram accounts you’ve been following.

4. A willingness to let go of the idea of doing it all. You can’t possibly “do it all”, nor should you. How I “do it all” is one of the most common questions I get. Here’s my answer.

5. An understanding that YOU are embarking on a personal development journey like no other and you’ll be constantly triggered by internal and external forces. You’ll need to know your “why” intimately and come back to it regularly.

For some practical chat about homeschooling, you can listen to my podcast with Rachelle from How to Live Slow here.

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