If we are dependent on the supermarket for every piece of food on every plate we dish up, we are absolutely at the mercy of fluctuating prices. And when I say “fluctuating”, I mean “rising”. Currently, cauliflowers are almost $9 each. Two months ago, they were half that.

Creating change is well within our power.

If growing your own food at home has felt like a pipedream but now feels like a necessity, here are some tips for getting started this season. Don’t put this off. If you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, March is the best time to get some winter seeds into pots and sit them in a sunny spot ready to take advantage of the perfect germination temperatures.

🌱 Let go of the idea that you need a hobby farm to start growing your veggies. Start with a handful of pots on the verandah/balcony and start with things that grow well and keep coming back as you use them: herbs, lettuce, spinach. The current price of dried parsley is $170 – $500 a kilo, depending on the brand. Why do we pay this when we can grow parsley with basically no effort, cut, dry, blitz and store ourselves? My spinach takes up approximately half a square metre of space in the garden but the same lot supplied us for over 2 years.

🌱 Let go of the idea that you need a huge budget to get started. You can start for free. Ask your neighbours, friends, family or on buy/swap/sell sites if anyone has some seedlings you could have. When your time comes and things start growing well, pay it forward.

🌱 Plant what you know your family will eat. Don’t plant kale if your family doesn’t like it.

🌱 Learn to use what’s in season because that’s what will grow in your garden.

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