“Lazy gardening” often yields the best harvests.

Unpopular opinion: “Lazy gardening” often yields the best harvests.

Actually it’s more like a time-proven strategy than an opinion…

Let some of your plants go to seed.

Let them die and fall from the plant and rot into the earth.

Plant your winter crops, harvest and enjoy them, then see what last season goodness comes back in the spring.

Weed as needed but try not to disturb what’s happening. Human intervention is not always required for abundant home veggie plots.


The best tomatoes are always the ones we don’t plant. Like the rotten ones the kids threw in the paddock that yielded us around 5 kg of cherry tomatoes. And ALL of this year’s tomatoes… like, all 4 beds worth!

They just grew in the same spot I planted last year, from those that dropped and rotted into the ground over winter. I haven’t fertilised these ones and they’ve abounded.

If you struggle to grow tomatoes, try throwing some rotten ones in corner of the garden and see what happens next spring.

“Lazy gardening” often yields the best harvests.

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