Must-have essential oil for easing tummy trouble, naturally.

When I bought my Young Living oils starter bundle more than 2 years ago, there was an oil that I thought was super gross. The YL starter bundle has 12 oils and I couldn’t figure out why a company that produces over 300 oils would choose DiGize to be one of that first special investment… it just didn’t smell fab.

So I asked my friend Sally and she said, “Oh no, don’t diffuse that one! That’s for tummy upset. Rub a drop directly onto the abdomen for some solid relief.”

I’d been using oils for over 10 years but before DiGize had never really considered using them topically or for wellness purposes. I predominantly used them for cleaning and diffusing, so it seemed a bit woo woo to expect them to do something beneficial for my body.

I popped the oil away with a mental note to pull it out next time we had an upset tummy in the house.

With 6 kids, upset tummies are semi-regular so we didn’t have to wait long to put this little bottle to the test. I popped a drop of DiGize and several drops of coconut oil onto little guy’s tummy, then covered with a heat pack. Literally within a few moments he felt relief and was able to get back to sword fighting. #mindblown
Must-have essential oil for easing tummy trouble, naturally.

This is far and away one of my most reached-for oils and it’s even easier to use when already pre-diluted in a roller.

This dilution is our little kids one and it’s 15 drops DiGize topped with carrier oil in a 10 mL roller. The adult version has 30 drops DiGize.

We have one in our car first aid kit (goodbye car sickness) and in our home medicine cabinet. It’s an absolute must for any family wellness kit and the 5 mL bottle that comes with a starter bundle is enough to make 6 kids rollers. So, so good 👏

Hit me up to get some of this liquid gold into your life 🙌

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