Lavender essential oil can help reduce depression and improve sleep

Another study has shown that lavender essential oil can help to reduce depression and improve sleep quality 🙌🏼

Forty patients with post-stroke depression used lavender or a placebo on or under their pillow every night for 4 weeks and the group that used lavender showed marked improvement compared with the placebo group.

From the study:

“In view of the side effects of antidepressants, aromatherapy, a widely used non-pharmacological therapy, has received growing attention in recent years for its benefits of reduced complications, accessibility, and effectiveness.”

More of this please 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Lavender is one of the most studied oils on the planet, and we’ve had our own fair share of “whoa” moments with it. From easing teething pain to soothing mozzie bites, relieving headache to relaxing the nervous system for a good night’s sleep… she really is the Swiss Army Knife of oils.

If you’re doing life without lavender, you might be working harder than you have to 😉

Reference: PMID 38241803

“Effects of lavender essential oil inhalation aromatherapy on depression and sleep quality in stroke patients: A single-blind randomized controlled trial” Yin XJ, Lin GP, Wu XY, Huang R, Xu CJ, Yao MY. 2024 Jan

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