King of oils - how to use frankincense and it's many benefits

Don’t let anyone tell you that frankincense isn’t the king of oils, ok?

Distilled from the resin of trees in the Boswellia carterii tree family, Frankincense essential oil contains the naturally occurring constituent alpha-pinene, which is what gives it its distinctive rich, balsamic scent.

Traditionally, the resin from the frankincense tree was burnt as an incense or mixed with water to create a healing paste which was used on wounds or consumed in a type of broth. It was also used extensively in ancient times for anointing and in cosmetics. The ancients knew where those skin health benefits were at.

Today, people use frankincense to:

– Help reduce discomfort and improve mobility.

– Improve the appearance of skin by adding to daily skincare routines.

– Diffuse and inhale to calm and clear the mind with its powerful grounding effects.

– Add a woody base note to perfume blends.

In our own family, it’s one of the oils we use on a daily basis. It’s in my moisturiser, the kid’s calm rollers, my husband’s cologne and the muscle rub and it’s an oil I don’t leave home without.

Keen to experience the benefits for yourself?

Frankincense comes in a Young Living premium starter bundle which is the perfect way to dive in and start enjoying the benefits of a dozen different essential oils (not just Frank). The bundle comes with a diffuser and some beautiful little extras and at 50% off RRP is the perfect way to start 2021 with low-tox solutions at your finger tips.

If you’re ready to get started detoxifying your home, I’m here to help. I won’t leave you hanging or wondering what to do with your investment. I want to help you get the most from your investment and start reaping the beautiful benefits. Pop me an email hello @ or reach out over on Instagram. Let me help you make the switch.

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